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August 5, 2015:
Registration deadline for the October 3 test is September 3.



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Thank you for visiting. I'm Ronnie and I've been helping students prepare for the SAT for the past ten years. I have worked with some of the best test prep companies and have developed an extremely effective method of SAT preparation.

Why Private Instruction?

Different students can excel in different learning environments, but it is my experience that with the SAT, most students see the most improvement with private tutoring, as opposed to classroom instruction.

While SAT classes are typically less expensive than private instruction overall, the cost per hour of relevant instruction is almost always higher.

In my experience as a classroom instructor, I've observed that much time is spent on tasks that could just as easily be done "off the clock" such as taking and grading tests and quizzes. Moreover, since a classroom instructor must cover all the bases, every student will at some point encounter a lesson that is simply unneeded—and the more advanced a student is, the more often this holds true.

Take A Look

I am convinced that my method for SAT preparation is among the most effective and efficient in the industry. Please take the time to look into my method and course structure. I also have a cost comparison chart that you might find interesting. I truly hope that you find the best and most effective method of SAT preparation for you!