The Method

After five years of teaching the SAT with some of the most successful private test prep companies, I’ve determined that the most efficient and effective method for improving one’s score on the SAT is as follows:

1.  Assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses through a properly administered diagnostic test.
2.  Administer a complete or partial SAT every week, under realistic test-taking conditions, only using tests created by the College Board.
3.  Review the test with the student no more than one day after test,preferably the same day.
4.  Administer targeted lessons and homework that aim at the student’s greatest area of weakness.

I aim towards maximum efficiency: No paid session time is wasted on activity that my students could easily do on their own, such as taking and grading tests, or studying vocabulary. 100% of session time is devoted to actual instruction. If the student shows mastery in a particular area, no time will be wasted reviewing that area. One of the great downsides of set lesson plans is that students waste time going over material that they are fully competent in.

For example, it is my experience that around fifty percent of SAT students come in with a firm grasp of subject-verb agreement, yet every SAT class must spend at least one lesson covering this important topic. That alone is one or two hours simply wasted for half of all students, on average.

Course Details

I typically recommend between ten and twenty sessions for most students. To determine the right number of sessions, we need to consider a number of factors, the most important being the student’s current score and the student’s target score.

I serve the central Orange County area (Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Newport Beach, and surrounding cities).

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  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • GRE
  • ISEE
  • SSAT
  • GED


· Sessions are one hour and forty minutes each.
· Sessions are $150 each.
· Sessions take place at student’s home or library.
· I recommend two sessions per week.
· Sessions follow a 50-5-45 schedule: two intense instructional periods punctuated by a short break.
· Flexible payments: Payment for all sessions can be made up front, or can be made per month, per week, or per session. I ask that each session is paid for in advance.


Some students prefer to prepare for the SAT with a friend or peer. Small group instruction can often be more effective than one-on-one instruction, as students can greatly benefit from mutual encouragement and even friendly competition. Moreover, explaining a concept to a friend is a powerful way of mastering that concept.

I maintain the following policies with small groups:

· Groups may be no larger than three students.
· Each member of the group must be at a similar level (based on the diagnostic test). I am flexible, but if the scores differ greatly, the effectiveness of the group session will be greatly diminished.

Discounts are offered for group sessions. Here is the current pricing:

Group of Two: $100 per session per student
Group of Three: $80 per session per student

  • My SAT tutoring experience was great! I had been stuck with the same score twice already and was afraid of getting a 1990 again. Within two months of hard work, I was able to increase my score 120 points to a 2110. We primarily focused on critical reading and writing, and I believe Ronnie’s method of taking many tests and writing down all the words I was not familiar with actually works! Thank you for helping me reach my goal!

  • I had set an SAT goal that would guarantee my admission to my top university choices and increase my scholarship opportunities, and after only seven sessions with Ronnie my goals were met. I saw an over 100 point increase, bringing my total score to 1950. I appreciated that he focused on the areas I needed help with, and still strengthened other areas of the SAT test. The time and money spent have already paid off.


Hourly Rate

The SAT Coach  $90
Princeton Review $125, $180, $300: for “private”, “master”, and “premier” tutors, respectively
Kaplan $137, $160, $179: for 32, 20, and 14 hours, respectively

Rates current as of February 9, 2014

Note: It is common for rates to vary based on how many hours one commits to, and in the case of Princeton Review, the advertised quality of the instructor.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss details. I do my best to accommodate my students and their families and to make quality SAT tutoring available to as many students as possible in my community.